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Please add the release version and architecture of LuninuxOS you want in the note section of the invoice, i.e LuninuxOS 11 AMD64 or LuninuxOS 11 I386. If the item is not received in fourteen business days contact me as quickly as you can via phone or email.

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Stable Release

Date Version Code Name Status
Aug 30, 2014 14.00.0 Talking Turtle pending
Dec 17, 2013 13.10.0 Silly Snail failed
Jul 05, 2013 13.00.0 Running Rabbit failed
Dec 10, 2012 12.10.0 Quite Quail done
Jul 24, 2012 12.00.0lts Purple Possum done
Dec 26, 2011 11.11.0 Open Octopus done
Aug 21, 2011 11.10.5 Lazy Lion done
Jul 18, 2011 11.10.0 Lazy Lion done
May 01, 2011 11.00.0 Lazy Lion done
Apr 10, 2011 10.10.0 Misty Mountain done
Jan 02, 2011 10.00.0 Misty Mountain done

Unstable Release

Date Version Code Name Download
Jul 27, 2014 14.00.0beta2 Talking Turtle pending   pending
Jun 23, 2014 14.00.0beta1 Talking Turtle amd64   i386
Jun 19, 2013 13.00.0beta2 Running Rabbit failed   failed
May 21, 2013 13.00.0beta1 Running Rabbit amd64   i386
Nov 03, 2012 12.10.0beta2 Quite Quail amd64   i386
Sep 30, 2012 12.10.0beta1 Quite Quail amd64   i386
May 05, 2012 12.00.0beta2 Purple Possum amd64   i386
Apr 04, 2012 12.00.0beta1 Purple Possum amd64   i386
Dec 04, 2011 11.11.0beta2 Open Octopus amd64   i386
Nov 03, 2011 11.11.0beta1 Open Octopus amd64   i386
Oct 20, 2011 11.11.0alpha Open Octopus amd64   i386
Dec 16, 2010 10.00.0unstable Sn0wL1nuX amd64   i386
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