Whats going on.

The End

Future updates to the project has ended as of the first of January 2019.

17.04 Zulu Release

LuninuxOS 17.04 is ready for download, it has a refreshing look and feel combined with the latest Gnome features. Enjoy!

Stable (32-BIT) Stable (64-BIT)

MD5 (32-BIT) MD5 (64-BIT)

16.04 Release

LuninuxOS "X" is now ready for use, the network problem from 15.10 has been update, if there is a problem with connectivity upon connecting to the Wifi or Ethernet, please run the command netfix in Terminal to correct it. Please watch video below.

15.10 Walking Walrus

The latest release of LuninuxOS is ready for download and use, it can be download here.

That took forever

I have to say I have not done a very good job at keeping up with things but now that I am starting to have to have more time to do things, I will make sure to update the project regularly.

15.00 Beta 1

The latest beta release of LuninuxOS is ready for testing, it can be download here.

15.00 Victory Viper

The anticipated latest stable release of LuninuxOS is set for December 12th 2015, this is a tentative time line, it could be release earlier if time permits. There will be much improvement in speed, usability and aesthetics for the new update.

Is there anybody out there?

Yes! I’m alive – said the project. Recently I received a few email I will reply shortly. Its primary goal was to know if the project is still active. And yes it is, life happens, I have other obligation that I have to prioritized first in order for me to have resources to continual this project...


LuninuxOS is now part of Open Invention Network, which is an intellectual property company that was formed to promote Linux by using patents to create a collaborative environment. It promotes a positive, fertile ecosystem for Linux, which in turns drives innovation and choice in the global marketplace.

DVD/CD at OSDisc.

LuninuxOS disc is now available at but if you are interested in any items other than DVD media, please use the download page to make your request, thank you.